About us

Ampas Art Gallery presents a plethora of art brought together on one plane. Art; that transcends and empowers, engages and embalms and can turn the mundane into the marvelous. A work of art is a joy forever.  It is timeless; never dates, or dies.

Discerning yet broad minded, we curate contemporary  to folk, folk & tribal to impressionist, realistic to surreal; abstracts, portraits, landscapes, figurative and new media works. Something special for your unique sensibility and aesthetic, always. Whether it be the soaring worlds contemporary art conjures or the earthy hues folk and tribal art imprints, with myriad handpicked exclusive and potent pieces distinct to their own genres, we bring you works fit to exemplify the categories they fall under, and to make proud their future owners be it enthusiasts, collectors, investors, purists or adventurers.

Our twin gateways, our gallery and website function as your window to Art and recognize your enthusiasm for and facilitate bringing you closer to it, and aid  in our pursuit to encourage and assist artists, and to channelize and further their calling and quest. Our gallery on MG Road displays artwork from all around the country ;  you can just walk in and out with the work which most resonates with you. Likewise you can access these works and many more to have them delivered right up to you thorough our web channel. Whether the artwork be for your home or workplace or collection, we bring you to it or bring it to you.